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Welcome to Direct Dental In Pico Rivera (Dr. Danny Muditajaya, DDS)

Direct Dental Provides First Rate Dental Care (Formerly Dr. Danny Muditajaya, DDS)

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Getting first rate dental care by your Direct Dental dentists in Pico Rivera is a happy occasion. Regular checkups and cleanings along with daily home care will help you have a lifetime of healthy teeth. Our dentists care about you and your family! Direct Dental has been around for many years and trusted by thousands of patients. You deserve first class care of your teeth and gums.  Our dental professionals stay up with current technology, so you get the best care available. We have thousands of happy patients.


A good part of our population doesn’t realize the benefits of daily flossing. Infrequent or poor flossing will create the perfect environment for deadly bacteria to grow. These bacteria don’t only harm your gums and teeth they can also harm your heart. Many articles describe the research about the harm poor flossing techniques can do to your physical body including heart disease. Neglecting the basics of brushing and flossing can cause gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Our family dentist in Pico Rivera are here to care for your children, your grandparents, and the whole family. You will have a warm welcome when you arrive. We take care of you as though you are our family. Your entire family is welcome from your 1-year-old to your elderly members.

Your life’s journey can take many twists and turns including your health. We will be there for your ups and downs in your dental health. Quality oral care can affect your quality of life and overall health. Our professional staff will guide you and your family through this journey. We will give you quality care and help you develop the habits that take you through your lifetime.

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How To Select A Professional Dentist

Ask yourself “How can I find a top quality dentist for all my family members.” One way is to discover what services they offer so that you can have a one stop shop. Do they provide other services above and beyond the necessary cleaning and checkups? Will they do at least limited cosmetic services like cosmetic veneers? Do they do tooth implants and crowns? What specialties do they offer, so you don’t have to go to other dentists to get your needs met?

Most family dentists are very limited on the services they offer and will send you to specialists for various procedures like root canals, simple cosmetics, and crowns. They are generalists!

We offer most any services you need during the various stages of your life from youth to elderly. In most cases you will not need to feel anxiety about going to a dentist who has a specialty we already have. We will be delighted to give you complete service from Invisalign teeth straightening, root canals, dental implants as well as general cleaning and regular checkups.

Cosmetic Veneers Before & After

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Beautiful Veneers Before & After

Beautiful Veneers

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Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can happen anytime on the ball field or at work. If you can’t wait for care until the next work day because you are in intense pain, give us a call. Sometimes this pain needs quick attention. If it is the weekend or late in the evening, in most cases, we can help. If you can wait until Monday morning, just come in without an appointment. We will get you in as quick as possible. We are here to serve you in your family dental emergencies.

Happy Families at Direct Dental

We understand that sometimes emergencies can’t wait and need prompt attention. We offer 24-hour service every day of the year for emergencies that just can’t wait. Severe tooth problems can cause unbearable pain. Many times, severe pain needs immediate attention as well as some work related and sports injuries. If you need help on the weekend or late in the night, and you are in severe pain, or your injury can’t wait until the next business day, we can help you. We are here to serve you for normal checkups and cleaning as well as family emergencies.

Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth or do you have severely damaged teeth? You may need tooth implants. Our dental implant dentist is Dr Winston. He is a talented and fully qualified to perform implant procedures. He always takes extra care of each and every one of his implant patients. He has a caring and nurturing heart. If you need one implant, or you need ten implants, he can help. Call for your free evaluation.

Our Direct Dental dentists are noted to be some of the best and most caring dentists in the Los Angeles area. We have patients from all the surrounding area and many people come from several of the beach cities and mountain communities. We serve families members from 1-year-old to the late 80’s.

Dental care is essential for so many reasons from social, business and overall family health. We do our best to create a comfortable and easy going environment for all your family members. Home care is the first line of defense for tooth decay and gum disease. Secondly, regular checkups and professional cleaning are necessary because tooth brushing and flossing will not keep plaque from forming on your teeth.

Child brushing teeth Interesting Facts:

How much time should you take out of your day for oral care? It only takes 6 minutes. Two minutes in the morning and 4 minutes the evening for a total of 6 minutes. This critical habit is called the “6-minute solution”. Brush your teeth in the morning and then in the night for 2 minutes. Then before going to bed add two minutes for flossing and rinsing with a quality oral mouth wash.

Use gentle pressure on your teeth and a soft bristle toothbrush. Again, be gentle as you floss between your teeth, and floss using an up and down motion on the sides of your teeth, so you don’t accidently cut your gums. It’s best to floss and rinse your mouth after you are finished eating or before bedtime, so your gums are clean as you sleep for the night. Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds to wash away any harmful bacteria and plaque. This 6-minute daily routine will create a healthy oral environment for your teeth and gums as well as your body. Six minutes a day is all it takes.

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We are ready to serve you. Call us and make an appointment with our Pico Rivera dentists today. You will be on your way to a quality life where you will have an excellent chance of keeping your original teeth for your entire life.  We are located at Direct Dental 9123 Slauson Ave, Pico Rivera, CA 90660 Phone 562-949-0177.

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