Be Wise About Wisdom Teeth

Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Older teenagers and young adults must often go through a rite of passage by having wisdom teeth removal. While you may have heard horror stories about this procedure, it is performed on hundreds of individuals each month without any problems. For most of my patients, it is a fast and easy process that requires one hour or less in the dental chair and between three to five days of recovery time at home. Call Direct Dental if you believe you have wisdom teeth pain or if you are having difficulty flossing in this area. 

Third Molar Pain

Where Are My Third Molars Located?

Wisdom teeth are also known as your third molars. You may have one or more wisdom teeth that are located in your upper and lower gums. Third molars will erupt in the back area of your mouth. Still, unfortunately, most individuals don’t have enough space for these teeth. This leads to a severe problem as the teeth begin to erupt from the gums because the third molars are often blocked by other nearby teeth. Without the removal of the wisdom teeth, you will continue to have pain, and the discomfort will get worse.

Signs of Problems from Third Molars

The symptoms of having problems with your wisdom teeth can include having a foul taste in your mouth, headaches, and pain. In some cases, you can look inside your mouth to see red or swollen gum tissue toward the back of the mouth. You can also have earaches, and you may find it difficult to chew food. At night, you may grind your teeth from the pain in your jaw, and this can damage the other teeth in your mouth, along with causing additional discomfort.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Xray

Schedule a Dental Examination

The best way to overcome the problems that are associated with wisdom teeth is to call my office at Whittier Square Dentistry for a physical examination. With our medical imaging equipment, I can determine how many wisdom teeth you have in the lower and upper jaw. I will also see how they are positioned in your jaw. There are also different types of impactions with some wisdom teeth poking through the gums slightly while others are embedded more buried in the gums.

How Can You Prepare for Surgery?

It is possible to have one to four wisdom teeth in your gums, and occasionally, a patient will have extra third molars. You will likely inherit the characteristics of one or both of your parents. So if they have small mouths with third molars, then you will probably have the same issue. Follow my guidelines for preparing for surgery by not eating anything for several hours but making sure to drink a lot of water.

Excellent Video

Have Someone Bring You In for the Procedure

With the X-rays, I can plan a procedure to remove your wisdom teeth, and in most cases, this is possible with only one procedure. You will require sedation, so we suggest having a friend or a relative bring you to our office. We schedule most third molar removals early in the morning so that you can go home to recover, but you should plan on resting for several days.

How Are the Third Molars Removed?

To remove the wisdom teeth, I may only need to pull the teeth from the gums with a particular instrument. This is possible when the third molars are beginning to erupt, but if the teeth are below the gums, then I must make an incision to access it. I use the tiniest incisions possible to remove the wisdom teeth so that you can recover faster from your surgery. 

Bleeding from the gums

The incisions or the sockets will begin to bleed like a normal reaction to eliminate any pathogens. However, an infection is unlikely because we use antiseptics to clean your mouth and the instruments. We place the wisdom teeth in a container with a lid so that you can see the items after you wake up from the surgery. I work with my dental hygienist to pack your gums with absorbent gauze.

Recovering At Home

After surgery, your friend or relative should drive you home and remain nearby as you recover from the sedation. You will likely sleep for most of the day, but your helper should check your gauze padding to change it as it becomes saturated with blood. I provide pain medication, and you should consume a soft diet along with sipping plenty of clear liquids. Contact my dental office today to learn more about wisdom teeth removal.