What Should You Know About Dental Implants in Los Angeles

Missing teeth can give you a hard time and make you feel self-conscious when speaking, smiling or talking. Aside from that, it can lead to issues with your oral health. However, dentists can perform a dental implant and replace missing teeth in a way that new one feels, looks and functions like the original one. An implant is a artificial tooth that is put in your mouth, and it is made of materials that are compatible with your jaws. If you have never heard of implants, the chances are that you might be skeptical of having them put in your mouth. Here are some seven essential things you should know about them;

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1. They Replace the Whole Tooth.

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A dental implant contains titanium material that is put into the jaw bone and functions in the same way as the root. This helps to support the entire tooth and makes it very stable. Therefore, getting one does not only make your teeth look great but also enables them to function normally.

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2. They Last For Long.

One good thing about dental implants is that they can serve you for a very long time. The success rates of these implants are very high, and you will hear very few cases of surgical procedures that did not go as planned. All you need to do is to take care of them in the same way as you do with the other teeth. You should also make a point of visiting the dentists regularly for them to be checked. This way, you will find your implants staying intact for many years.

Dental Implant and Tooth Root

3. Are You A Good Candidate?

Before considering whether dental implants are right for you, a dentist needs to assess your condition and tell you if you are fit. First, age is not an important factor. Dental implants are not limited to older people as younger ones can also get them if they lose a tooth. Typically, if your gums are healthy and you have a bone that is strong enough to support the implant, you are considered to be a perfect candidate for the implant. However, the jaw bone can be reinforced before the implant. Conditions such as diabetes and leukemia can compromise with the healing process and smoking can increase the risk of losing a tooth during the process.

4. It Is A Process.

In some cases, getting a dental implant is a process that can take time for it to be completed. It can begin with removing the bad tooth, followed by grafting and waiting for that to heal before initiating the implant procedure. Recovering from the process will take some time, and this is good since it allows the bone to fuse making it even as strong  as your regular teeth. After that, the crown will be fitted and your original smile restored.

5. They Can Replace Any Number Of Teeth.

You are not limited to the number of teeth that can be replaced. In some cases, people have an entire mouthful of implant. Regardless of how many of them you decide to replace, they will still offer the same stability and functionality as the normal teeth.

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6. It Is The Most Cost Effective Option.

People look at the initial up cost charge for having dental implants, but they are still the most economical option. All the other procedures used to replace missing teeth usually last for a much shorter period, and you will most likely need to pay more after every few years for a replacement. However implants are much stronger because they are built into your jaw done once and all you need to do if follow up with regular dental checkups that people with normal healthy teeth also need to done.

Dental implants are a great way of replacing missing teeth, and several good things come with it. All you need to do is to take care of the new teeth, and they can last you a lifetime.