COVID-19 Protocols

Dear patients, team members, neighbors, and others,

We wanted to take the time to check-in. Above all else, our hope is that you’ve been able to keep yourself safe and in good health during this trying period. We would also like to inform you that new protocols have been introduced in our offices. These are designed to protect both patients and team members. We want to do everything we can to keep the people that come to our office safely and healthy.

Covid 19 Masks IN Whittier

Reducing the Threat of COVID-19 in Dentistry

Fresh news about the coronavirus pandemic is steadily coming in, which means there frequently new obstacles to overcome. We will adapt this message as new developments hit, ensuring that you are always kept in the loop with what’s going on. You should know that we are dedicated to our patients. Even during this challenging period, we strive to provide the best services we can.

Beyond that, we have taken steps to reduce the risks to all of our clients. We’re also working to keep our staff and their families safe. When you step into our office, you should know that we take safety seriously.


Currently, we have several rules and protocols in place. Some examples of these conditions are:

Covid 19 Dental Treatment Room

COVID-19 Dental Treatment Room

1. Protocols to Control Infection

* Masks are required in the office

* Hand sanitizer should be used after coming into the office

* Social distancing should be maintained

* Staff will wear PPE and abide by CDC precautions

2. Scheduling Appointments

* Before an appointment, you will be screened for exposure to COVID-19 over the phone

* Your appointment will be rescheduled if someone in your household has been ill in the last 14 days

* While waits may be relatively long, we’ll do our best to accommodate all of our patients.

3. After Your Arrival

* When you come to the office, we’ll conduct an in-person screening

* We will take the temperature of every patient, as well as relatives or guardians that accompany them

* Before entering the treatment area, your hands must be washed for at least 20 seconds

4. Your Treatment

* Before your treatment begins, you will receive an antibacterial/microbial rinse

* You will be offered protective eyewear that will be worn during your treatment.

5. When You Checkout

* After you leave the treatment area, you’ll be asked to put on your mask

* Social distancing must be maintained, which means no more than two patients can check out at one time. We ask that you wait patiently while people are checking out at the front desk.


We would like to offer our sincere thanks for giving us your trust during this difficult time. Our patients are so important to us, so we continue to provide them with the best possible services. You should know we are doing all we can to make sure you have a positive experience working with us throughout this period. We’ll continue working to keep our patients, staff, and neighbors throughout the community safe.

If you have questions about our policies or have some concerns, please reach out to us.

This is a challenging period, but none of us are in this alone. We genuinely believe that working together will allow us to overcome these obstacles. We are with our patients and their families during this challenging period. When the pandemic ends, we’ll be stronger than ever and ready for obstacles that lie ahead.

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