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Direct Dental in Pico Rivera offers most dental services you may need for your family. We have truly talented dentists who love families. Unlike many dental practices, our dentists listen to your dental issues before coming to any diagnosis. Along with your explanation of the issues you are dealing with, the x-rays, and a full mouth examination they will make a solid determination and dental treatment plan.

Family At Dentist in Pico Rivera

We serve all the surrounding cities like La Mirada, Norwalk, Downey, Sante Fe Springs, La Puente, Montebello, Artesia, and more.

Our top priority is to make you comfortable, as we help you with your dental checkup and cleaning or more advanced procedures. Poor dental health habits and not making dental checkups and cleanings appointments can affect your overall physical well-being. We start with a full physical profile and history, so we have a good starting point. After we take x-rays and have your health history, we will have an understanding of any issues you may have.

Dentist In Pico Rivera – 6 Minute Solution

Investing only 6 minutes per day, can set you up with excellent dental care at home! That’s all that is needed. Start by brushing in a gentle manner with a soft bristle toothbrush to preserve your enamel. Next take about a minute to floss your upper and lower teeth and be very gentle on your gums. Slide the floss up and down each tooth to clean it. Finally, use a quality mouthwash and rinse for 30 seconds. Flossing and rinsing will remove the deadly bacteria that can harm your gums, teeth, and even possible contribute to heart disease. The health of your gums is just as important as the health of your teeth. They protect your tooth roots from harmful bacteria and protect the bone structure that holds each tooth in place.

You will still need to see your dentist on a regular schedule, even with your good habits of brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth faithfully each day. This excellent practice will not remove all the plaque buildup on your teeth. The plaque will still attach itself to your teeth and needs professional cleaning. This daily 6-minute routine along with regular visits to your dentist will go a long way toward keeping your teeth for a long lifetime. It’s entirely worth the consistent effort you give your mouth to keep it clean.

Our Services At Direct Dental In Pico Rivera

Dr Aaron Hwang of Direct Dental

Dr Aaron Hwang of Direct Dental

We provide most all the dental services your family will need throughout their lives. Some of the services we offer are teeth cleanings, root canals, Invisalign teeth straightening, dental implants, along with many other services.

Family Dental Clinic in Pico Rivera:

Our family dental clinic services all of the surrounding cities, as well as cities further away like our beach cities. WE love serving families of all ages from one-year-old to your grandma and grandpa. Our family dental clinic is special because we offer most services. The majority of family dental clinics will refer you out to dentists you don’t know for specialty services. We can do dental implants, root canals, as well as some cosmetic procedures like Invisalign teeth straightening, cosmetic veneers, and teeth whitening treatments for our patients. We have several talented dentists on staff who can go the extra mile to serve your needs.

Emergency Dentist In Pico Rivera:

When you have a dental injury at your work or a sporting event, you may need emergency care. It may be Ok to wait until the next business day or until the next morning, but sometimes immediate attention is necessary. We forward our phones to our on-call dentist during our non-business hours. Don’t hesitate to call. We may ask you a few questions to see if it can wait until the morning. We may advise you to take individual steps for immediate care. Otherwise, if it can wait until the next morning just come to see us. You do not need an appointment. We will fit you in right away.

Dental Checkup and Cleanings:

We hope you are in the good habit of brushing, flossing, and 30 seconds of rinsing your teeth each and every day. Even with your excellent habits, you will still need to come in for regular dental checkups and cleanings. Even if you are very faithful to tooth brushing, you will develop some plaque on your teeth. We need to check your overall oral health and remove any plaque that has deposits on your teeth since your last appointment. You typically cannot see the plaque since it has no color. Just because you can’t see plaque does not mean you don’t have it. So make sure you are faithful to having regular dental examinations and cleanings.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Cosmetic Veneers are one part of cosmetic dentistry. They are used to cover flaws in your teeth as well as giving you a more attractive smile. Your teeth can look straighter as well as whiter. If you have large gaps in your teeth, these veneers can reduce the gap giving you a more natural look. Social and business situations may require that you look your best, and one thing people see first is your smile.

Root Canals:

If you notice a tooth becoming tender to your touch and sensitive to hot or cold drinks and food you may have a damaged root or abscessed tooth. We can diagnosis this condition and may need a root canal. The root canal treatment is where your dentist removes the dead, damaged, or infected pulp in your tooth’s root chamber as well as the nerve endings. Root canals are used to save the tooth from being removed or replaced.

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Dental Implants:

Dental implants are used to replace severely damaged teeth. We place a surgical grade titanium post in your jaw where you have missing teeth. This post will take the place of the root of the damaged tooth. This titanium post is biocompatible with your body’s tissue meaning your body rarely rejects titanium. It is a screw that becomes extremely secure in your jawbone and holds a dental crown in place. This implant with its crown will become a strong tooth.

Dental Crowns:

Dental crowns are usually “caps” used to reconstruct or replace a portion of a tooth that has had a large filling or a root canal procedure. These dental crowns can closely match the adjacent teeth. Dental implants also use dental crowns. Keep up good dental habits and your crown can last many years.

Invisalign Teeth Straightening:

If your teeth need strengthening, and you don’t like traditional metal braces, Invisalign teeth straightening system may be an excellent choice. The primary benefits of using the Invisalign system is that it is almost invisible, and you can remove them when you eat, brush, and floss your teeth. It is nearly impossible to clean your teeth thoroughly while wearing traditional metal braces. In fact, oral hygiene becomes a problem when you can’t properly clean your teeth. There are many reasons to straighten your teeth. You may want to look your best when you graduate, are going to job interviews or other social situations. Your self-image will be improved, and your confidence will shine through your beautiful smile.

These are most of the dental services you will need from your dentist in Pico Rivera. We serve all family members, and you can even refer your friends to our dental clinic. Having your teeth checkup and cleaning every six months will help you keep your teeth in top quality condition.

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