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Orthodontics in Pico Rivera CA for Children and Adults

Our Orthodontic dentist, Dr. Samy Ibrahim, is an exceptional orthodontic expert at Direct Dental in Pico Rivera who dedicates himself to teeth and jaw bones that are out of proper alignment. He also provides orthodontic braces, treatment, and care to the surrounding communities of Downey, Montebello, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Whittier, La Mirada and Eastern Los Angeles cities. Orthodontics is considered Cosmetic Dentistry by creating happy smiles in his patients.

When you need orthodontic treatment, it’s very important to get the right dentist to do this procedure. Think about it, if you are having heart problems you will see a cardiologist if you are having skin problems you need to see a dermatologist, so if your teeth and jaw are out of alignment you should definitely see an orthodontic dentist. Nice teeth help in job interviews and socializing plus your regular overall cleaning and dental hygiene.

In the United States, only 6% of all dentists have the additional education and training to give them the proper expertise they need to perform top quality orthodontic procedures. This expert professional can move your teeth into the proper position and spacing for the best alignment. If this is done earlier in life it can also help the jaw develop properly to give your teeth the best chance for developing properly. When you come in for your first appointment be sure to let your orthodontic specialist know about what you expect for the outcome and the lifestyle you live such a being on the football team. Earlier treatment is best, but we also help adults who have misaligned teeth or jaws. Actually, over 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults over the age of 21. We have the best dentist in Pico Rivera CA. Come see us.

Here is an excellent video by Dr Bradley Kaufman who has a clinic in Rochester NY. It shows you how easy the experience of getting braces is when they are installed in your mouth.

American Association of Orthodontics suggests taking your children in for a dental evaluation and cleaning by the age of 7. By seven years of age, your child will have enough permanent teeth and the jaw bone will be developed enough for your orthodontic specialist to evaluate you for any potential problems. By doing early corrective measures, we can help you avoid many complications in your mouth and jaw from developing and making chewing and cleaning difficult. Additionally, correcting misaligned teeth that are crowding other teeth will help your oral hygiene by allowing you to clean your teeth properly. This will help you prevent gum disease and cavities throughout your mouth. Keeping your mouth and teeth very clean throughout your life is vital to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Who Needs Braces?

Both adults and children alike can have alignment and bite problems that can be corrected with quality orthodontic care.

See Orthodontist for Crooked Teeth

Here are a few indications that you may need corrective braces:

Do you have overlapping teeth that are crowding other teeth and creating difficult conditions for flossing?

Do you have an overbite teeth condition? This is where your front top teeth project over the bottom teeth not allowing you to have even teeth alignment when you close your mouth.

Do you have an underbite teeth conditionO? This is where your bottom front teeth protrude out in front of the top front teeth where they don’t have and even alignment when you close your mouth.

Your First Orthodontic Appointment

You and Dr. Ibrahim will get acquainted. He is known for his nice easy going ways with his patients. He will do an initial examination to determine what your orthodontic needs are and if you are ready to begin treatment if needed. He will determine where your problems are coming from and give you a complete diagnosis. He will explain your treatment plan and the estimated timeline and fees. Treatment can take anywhere from 12 months to 30 months depending on the type and severity of the problems. The average is between 18 and 24 months. We do have financing options for those who need it. You will usually be seen every 6 to 8 weeks. In some situations, you will need to be seen more often.

Traditional Metal Braces

These silver metal braces you see people wearing and are the most affordable braces. They are made of a strong mixture of stainless steel and other durable metals like nickel. These have overhanging edges called wings. Metal with plastic ties are used to hold the metal wire in the right place so adjustments can be made. The wires are tied to the brackets tightly and used to make adjustments for correcting and bring the teeth back into proper alignment. Some young people enjoy decorating their braces. They can use the colorful elastic ties with a variety of colors. This can make wearing braces more fun.

Orthodontic Braces in Pico Rivera

Self-Ligating Braces

These self-ligating braces are cutting-edge dental technology where we use transparent ceramic materials. They are not easily stained. They look great and use a mechanism that allows sliding of the band for adjustments. The treatment is usually over a shorter period of time, and oral hygiene is simpler since plaque doesn’t adhere as easily. Many adults like this option over traditional braces for all of these reasons.

Traditional Metal Braces

Invisalign Clear Braces for Teeth

Clear Braces make braces less noticeable. Adults who want the braces to be less obvious love clear braces. These adults enjoy a more natural look. They are usually made of ceramic or plastic alloys and either white metal wire or clear ties. These clear braces are typically more costly when compared to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign Clear Teeth Straightening System

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners (not braces) to move your teeth into the right placement for proper alignment in your jaw. You can take them off for a short period of time each day to allow for healthy flossing and brushing of your teeth for good oral hygiene. They can assist in most all of your orthodontic problems from overbite, underbite, crowded, and crossbites conditions. If you don’t want to deal with metal braces and want a clear option Invisalign may be what your need.

Early Childhood Treatment

Early intervention may be important in more severe cases where the dentist recognizes your young child has moderate or more severe orthodontic issues with their teeth or their jawbone alignment. Your child may have very crowded teeth, overbite or underbite, and crossbite problems that many need attention to avoid more severe issues. This early treatment can help guide the teeth and jaw to the proper positions to allow room for new teeth to grow in correct alignment. But most orthodontic procedures start about 12 or 13 years old as they get their complete set of permanent teeth. This goal is to get the ideal bite for the children’s teeth for healthy eating and digestion plus the overall cosmetic look.

Care and Questions After Your Braces are Installed?

Here are some great tips for keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy after your braces are installed. We are not recommending these products because there are many helpful products on the market today.

Sore Teeth Or Jaw

After your braces are adjusted you may have a few day of soreness. You can use over the counter painkiller like Tylenol or Advil that you use for headaches. Something you are not allergic to using.

Are There Foods You Shouldn’t Eat During This Treatment Period?

YES. Surprisingly you shouldn’t eat raw veggies. They can do some damage. Additionally don’t eat ice, hard candy, and any sticky foods like taffy.

Loose Brace

Call and make an appointment to have it reattached. Meanwhile, you can put a little wax to return it back in its original place. If it falls off bring it with you to your appointmen

Your Retainer Is Broken

Call the office right away to make an appointment with the Orthodontist to get a new one. Seeing your orthodontist soon is crucial so your teeth do not start shifting back where they were.

Wire Sticking Out And Irritating Your Cheeks

Call the office so they can do a repair. Meanwhile, you can dry the wire and brace and put some wax on it so you can cushion it against your cheek or gums.

How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Keeping your teeth clean is even more important with braces. You need to brush after “every” meal plus before going to bed. Dr. Ibrahim will give you detailed instructions for daily care.

Gums or Cheeks Irritations

This usually happens right after you get your braces installed for a short time. They just have to get comfortable using them. Rinsing with warm salt water can help you heal and feel better in a few days. A little candle wax on the braces that are rubbing against your cheeks can help you adjust to living with braces. Oral Gel from the local pharmacy can also be a significant help.

If you have any further questions or would like an appointment to meet Dr. Ibrahim call the office. Remember our Orthodontic Specialist at Direct Dental in Pico Rivera here https://www.dentistinpicorivera.com/. Dr. Ibrahim has over 17 years of experience in Orthodontics with thousands of patients and happy smiles. Call Direct Dental for your Orthodontic needs for yourself and your children.

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