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Importance Of Good Oral Health In Downey


Caring for your teeth and gums at home both morning and night should be one of the most reliable habits in your life. If you need to find a local dentist in Downey CA, then come and see us at Direct Dental in Pico Rivera for checkups and cleanings. This will ensure a lifetime of healthy gums and teeth.


We are located at 9123 Slauson Ave near Rosemead Blvd. Our Los Angeles local cities and Downey family dental center care about your oral health. We have served patients in the surrounding cities for over 25 years and have an excellent reputation with our patients. We feel you deserve first class service from our dentists and staff.


Our dental staff stays current with updated techniques and technologies for oral care so that you will have top quality care. Our Pico Rivera office has thousands of clients who are pleased with our service.


Many locals and people around the world don’t realize how daily flossing and brushing teeth benefits their overall health. Individuals who brush and floss occasionally don’t understand they are offering a perfectly warm and moist environment for harmful bacteria to prosper. These harmful oral bacteria can not only damage your teeth and gums, but they are also dangerous for your heart. Many research articles describe the adverse effects that poor flossing has on your gums, body, and heart. Flossing and brushing are the foundations of good oral health keeping your mouth healthy from gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath.


Family dentists at Direct Dental love caring for your children, grandma and grandpa, and mom and dad. We welcome you and your entire family to our first-class clinic.


Our journey through life and health may take many paths. Our dental health can also have its ups and downs. Our dental staff will be your guide for this journey. We will help you develop healthy habits.


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How To Select A Professional Dentist


Do you need a family dentist in or near Downey that will give quality care for my family? First, ask your family and friends for recommendations. Then do your homework by looking at their websites and Yelp and Google reviews by past patients. The more services the clinic offers, the less you may have to change dental clinics for various services.


These can include such services as cleaning and orthodontics to tooth implants and cosmetic treatments. One stop clinics usually help families feel more comfortable since they don’t need to go to a stranger to get specialty dental work. Seeing dentists and staff you know and trust for dental care is the best situation.

Family Dental Clinics VS One Stop Service


Most family dental clinics offer limited services. They send you to specialty dentists who you don’t know to do root canals, dental implants, and cosmetic services such as dental veneers and crowns that general dental clinics can’t provide. Family dentists are usually general dentists and don’t perform advanced care.


Direct Dental offers a one-stop clinic for most services. We have Dr. Sammy Ibrahim who is our superb staff orthodontist and Dr. Winston, a skilled implant specialist. We work with all family members from your children to elderly family members. This gives your family members one source for most dental needs. Some of our other services are Invisalign teeth straightening, root canals, to your regular checkups and teeth cleaning.


Our Emergency Dentist


Emergencies don’t only happen when you are sick. Sometimes dental emergencies occur from workplace accidents or sports injuries and need immediate dental care near Downey. If you are in unbearable pain and need to see a dentist after hours, we will open our clinic and take care of you. Some pain needs immediate attention; others can wait until the next morning. If it’s possible for you to wait till morning, then just walk in, and we will care for you. We at Direct Dental are here to serve our patients. Our 24-hour service is here when you need. Call our after hours number to discuss your issues.


We Offer Dental Implants


Do you have a tooth that is severely damaged and you need a tooth extraction or do you have a missing tooth? Dental implants may be the best answer because they look and work like real teeth. Dr. Winston is our implant dentist. Dr. Winston is a very talented and qualified dentist and has helped hundreds of patients get their needed implants. He takes the time to make them look as natural as possible. He cares about his patients and the outcome of the work. If you need one or more implants, he is here to serve you. Call for a free evaluation.

Direct Dental is known for having some of the best dentists in Los Angeles area cities and the most caring tooth doctors near Downey CA. Patients come to Direct Dental from many of the surrounding communities including some beach and mountain cities. We love serving you whether you are one year old or in your 90’s.

Finally, please see your dental professional for regular checkups and professional cleaning at least once or twice a year. Brushing and flossing are not enough to keep plaque away from building on your teeth.


Facts About Teeth Cleaning

Should daily care of your teeth and gums take a lot of time? How does 6 minutes a day to brush and floss sound? Just 2 minutes for morning care and 4 minutes in the evening. That’s only 6 minutes each day. We call it the “6-minute solution”. Each morning and evening you should brush for a full 2 minutes. Then in the evening or before going to bed floss your teeth and rinse with water or a quality mouthwash.

A soft bristle toothbrush is best because it’s easier on the gums and gentle on the enamel of your teeth. When you brush and floss, be gentle on both your teeth and gums. If you are too rough flossing your gums, you can cut them. Be gentle! Many people ask “When is the best time of day to floss.” We feel flossing is best in the evening after supper or before going to bed. This is because your mouth usually dry’s out when you are sleeping, creating a perfect environment for plaque to develop on your teeth.

Additionally, rinse your mouth and between your teeth with mouthwash for 30 seconds. This will clean your mouth of food debris and harmful bacteria.

Try our “6-minute solution”. It consists of 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening for brushing, plus a minute and a half for flossing and rinsing. Regular daily care following the 6-minute solution plus two annual visits to your dentists will give you a great chance to keeping your teeth and gums healthy throughout your life.


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We at Direct Dental are ready to serve you for all your Downey dental needs. We also offer Downey family cosmetic dentistry. We can help if you need crowns for your teeth or braces in Downey CA. Call us today at 562-949-0177 for your checkup and cleaning or any advanced or cosmetic procedure. See us for a dentist appointment at Direct Dental 9123 Slauson Ave, Pico Rivera, CA 90660.