Best Things to do with kids at Pico Rivera

When traveling with family, especially with kids, finding things everyone can do together and enjoy is a bit challenging. You can’t go clubbing, drinking, or see movies that are age-restricted. You can try hiking, but kids usually get bored quickly, and you may end up carrying them on your way home earlier than planned. The truth is, traveling or even exploring with kids is a little bit complicated than usual, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, when you find the right adventure to go with your kids, you will be shocked at how fun and easy it is.

If you’re planning to visit or already live in Pico Rivera and want to know the best things to do with your youngsters. Then we have the solution for you. We have listed down three of our recommendations on the best things to do with your kids at Pico Rivera. We guarantee that these trips will all be smiles for the kids, and you!

1.Visit Reggie J Rodriguez Park (or any Pico River Park)

Yes, Pico Rivera has some great parks which you can visit with your kids anytime you want. But if you’re wondering which is the best park to plan a trip with your kids then we highly recommend Reggie J Rodriguez Park. Why? Well, for starters, the park has an extensive and fun playground open for all kids. They also have a softball field, and basketball court incases you or your kid are into sports and wants to have a friendly game(or a competitive one). As for the adults, while your kid is playing on the playground you can rest, relax, walk, or even run for your enjoyment. Reggie J Rodriguez is a fun park worth the visit.

2.Enjoy Chuck E. Cheese’s

If you grew up with Chuck E. Cheese’s in your place, then you have a pretty significant childhood. But if you haven’t, then no worries! It’s still not too late to experience the joy that this diner bring. If you have a child, then that makes this place even perfect for you and your kids’ next place to visit. Chuck E. Cheese is a restaurant that serves delicious nostalgic food that can bring out the inner child in you, and makes your child’s childhood better. Aside from their child-friendly food, the place is also clean and neat, so you don’t have to worry about your kid running over or touching something dirty in the place (their restrooms are also immaculate as well!). Finally, if the food and the neatness won’t win you and your kid over, then we’re pretty sure the Chuck E. Cheese’s staff will. Their crew is always smiling, happy, and accommodating to whatever you or your kids might need during your visit.

3.Watch your favorite sport LIVE at Pico Rivera Sports Arena

If you and your child find sports exciting and are avid fans of a particular type of game then chances are, this option is the way to go! Pico Rivera’s Sports Arena can accommodate up to 5,000 individuals. The arena is open to all sorts of occasions, and usually host sporting events that are loved by the locals and tourists from all ages, and walks of life. You and your child can watch live wrestling, rodeos, and even boxings in the arena along with other members of the family. You can cheer to your favorite team while enjoying a hot dog or a pretzel. Indeed, this activity will excite both you and your kid together.